Launch of NDCs and Gender Equality Initiative

May 16, 2017

Photo: Florentine Choco | UNDP Belize


The government of Germany, UNDP, together with the UNFCCC, organized a side event on “Gender Equality in National Climate Action: Planning for Gender-responsive NDCs” oat the climate change negotiations in Bonn on May 12th. The governments of the Philippines, Kenya and Chile participated and shared their experiences.

The event underscored the importance and benefits of ensuring a strong gender-responsive planning, scaling up gender-responsive climate actions and empowering women as an effective response to climate change.  The new gender initiative will be implemented in 10 countries, as part of UNDP’s larger support for NDC implementation in select countries.

The Philippines, Kenya and Chile reaffirmed their interest in integrating gender equality into the NDC implementation process, emphasizing the relevance of strengthening gender mainstreaming into ongoing policy processes, such as budgeting planning and climate finance, mitigation and adaptation instruments, and institutional frameworks.

Other participants highlighted the need of simplifying the information on climate change and gender as well as ensuring local actors and grassroots women’s organizations are involved in the planning and decision making processes.