Global INDC Workshop in Germany

APR 14 - 16, 2015 | Berlin, Germany



The Global Workshop on INDCs brought together government representatives, practitioners and international experts from around the world that are involved in the design and preparation of INDCs.



  • Exchange country experiences related to the design and preparation of INDCs, including between geographic regions;
  • Discuss both technical and political process issues related to the design and preparation of countries' INDCs;
  • Update countries on recently published tools and resources for designing and preparing INDCs;
  • Identify INDC-related challenges that are arising in countries, discuss lessons learned and possible solutions for timely submissions of INDCs; and
  • Take stock of INDCs that have been submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat.

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Workshop Details: 
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Berlin, Germany

April 14 - 16, 2015

Where:   Istanbul, Turkey

When:    21 - 23 February 2017


Where:   Istanbul, Turkey

When:    21 - 23 February 2017



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  • April 14 | Day 1 (zip)
  • April 15 | Day 2 (zip)
  • April 16 | Day 3 (zip)


Allison Towle

Michael Comstock


Day 1 of the workshop provided participants with an overview of INDCs in the global climate change framework, focusing on their importance as a mechanism to both report intended contributions and communicate ambition. The preliminary sessions were used to set the stage for subsequent sessions and included presentations and discussions on the relevance of INDCs in the Climate Change Framework before launching into an overview of the UNDP/WRI Guidance Document on INDCs and presentations by countries that have already submitted their INDCs to the UNFCCC Secretariat (EU and Mexico) and Chile who has developed a draft INDC that is currently under review by stakeholders. 
Day 2 of the workshop presenters and participants dove deeper into technical themes related to INDC preparation, including examining INDCs in the context of national development priorities, covering the prioritization of sectors, quantification of emissions reductions in the context of INDCs, selecting reference points, assessing costs of mitigation actions, and assessing INDCs in the context of advancing national development. Each presentation was followed by a reaction from a peer who could briefly explain their experience, before opening the floor for questions and discussion. The day culminated in a panel of colleagues who presented additional INDC resources and then engaged the audience in a discussion of what further resources are needed. 
Day 3 focused on the inclusion of Adaptation components in the INDC, before moving into presentations and discussions on MRV in the context of INDCs. Directly following lunch participants were introduced to a results from a UNDP commissioned study by the NewClimate Institute which is actively assessing collective progress toward the 2°C Goal and Options for Revising INDCs to Enhance Ambition in the future. The 3-day workshop came to a close with a plenary discussion focused on International Cooperation on INDCs, the needs of countries, and how best to improve resources to respond to countries’ needs. 

Day 4 included a visit to the venerable Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.